Hey, my loves! You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole to my blog, welcome!

I’m Grace Richards – a 22-year-old blogger, traveller, feminist and mental health advocate. I’ve left university on a permanent hiatus and joined the ranks of the employed as an apprentice. I’m back in the tiny town I grew up in and loving life. I hope to update this blog as often as possible and I’m sorry if things are slow-going, but I have a pretty hectic schedule. I like to think the blog will be witty and helpful – mostly it will be full of posts about my lifestyle, mental health, (hopefully) empowering feminist rants, and positivity. It will be a range of things from the funny and pathetic attempts of trying to be adult, managing my mental illnesses, embracing my womanhood by talking about puberty, periods and sex, and hopefully a little advice about how to take on the big bad world.

Personally, I have wanted to be a writer since primary school – when I stood up in front of my Year One class and defined the word ‘smote’ in front of the class without prompt. Through the years, I’ve wanted to be a marine biologist, an Olympic gymnast, an illustrator, a West End singer and a child and forensic psychologist, but I have always been passionate about writing. I was immersed in books in high school and wrote stories for my friends. In Sixth Form, I pursued History, Psychology and English Literature: I was eager to learn from the past (especially the history of civil rights and grassroots movements), to understand how people think and behave, and to be inspired and feel. I got accepted into Bournemouth University and studied for a BA Hons in Scriptwriting for Film and Television. After, two years and multiple relapses of my mental illness, I realised that getting a degree was not the right decision for me. So, I moved home, got the help I needed and finally, I’m beginning to feel like myself again.

This blog started out as a creative outlet and way to hone my writing skills in my spare time but has morphed into something much bigger and tremendously exciting. There are so many things I have planned for its development (as a brand and more) and I hope you’ll get involved and engage in my posts and on social media.

A bit more about me

  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Favourite Film: Denial or Spotlight or CAPTAIN MARVEL
  • Current TV Watch: The Good Place
  • Favourite Re-runs: Charmed or Ghost Whisperer
  • Currently Reading: College Textbooks
  • Favourite Song: Truth Hurts – Lizzo
  • Favourite Food: Seasonal Veg Pie from this pub called The Hundleby Inn
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Pets: 2 Rabbits – Snicket and Eliot, (does my sister count?)
  • Favourite Animal: Sloths or Dogs
  • Woman Crushes: Sarah Jeffery, Brie Larson and (ALWAYS) Jenna Coleman
  • Male Crushes: Antoni Porowski, Max La Manna and Ryan Eggold

If you have any more questions about me, find out how to contact me here.