Auld Lang Syne.

Readers! I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post; with all the holiday stuff going on and some unexpected bad news, it’s been tricky to concentrate. But, hey, everyone, I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and an incredible NYE. One thing you should know about me is that I love the holidays, all of them!

My family has always gone all out on holidays and really brought them alive for me. I think that it just that we are a family of fruit-loops* and it is at these times that we can fully embrace that and not look totally bonkers.

My parents took my sister, Nat, and I trick-or-treating every Halloween when we were growing up and we looked the part with our cute little outfits. Not only do we dress up though, both of my parents dress up too! The house is decked out in creepy green lighting, there are gravestones in the garden, cobwebs over the front door, ghost and skeletons hanging from the porch to scary the trick or treaters, and, of course, the carved pumpkins. My Dad normally stays home to answer the door and he scares the living daylights out of the little ones. Still, every year our house is a wicked attractions that bring too many kids for our sweet bowl to cope with!

Apple bobbing as a witch.

Christmas is probably my favourite time of year because I always spend it with my family. Mum and I watch no end of Christmas movies, though admittedly she starts in the middle of October when they start on telly.

Our house looks like Blackpool Illuminations! My Mum has a little obsession with buying outdoor Christmas lights and we have a new addition of at least one every year. That is only the outside. Inside we have two Christmas trees, tinsel, decorative candles and ornaments, baubles from the ceiling and mistletoe in the doorway. One of the trees is for me, my sister and the children that my Mum looks after to decorate, but the second tree is my Mum’s pride and joy. It is always colour coordinated with the rest of the decorations in the living room and the ornaments have to be in the exact place she wants them.

Christmas at home when we were little.

Easter is equally as crazy with Easter egg hunts in the gardens of castles and stately homes, and even Valentine’s Day is celebrated joyfully by all. Nat and I normally organise an evening for my parents and we have friends round to celebrate being young and happy. Plus my Dad gets my sister and I a rose every year.

Holidays so far at university have been very different to being at home. At Halloween we still decorated the flat and got dressed up but, instead of trick or treating or scaring the heebie-jeebies out of the little kids wanting sweets, we went out clubbing.


At Christmas, we completely decked the place out with paper chains and baubles, but instead of a real tree we had a bottle tree. We even had an evening where we cooked Christmas dinner and had crackers and paper hats! Jason and Ollie cooked it while I danced around the kitchen to Michael Bublé. Going home was still the best part because I got to all the normal family stuff like going to Midnight Mass and chilling with my Mum. This year my sister and I were in charge of decorating my Mum’s tree! It is unheard of!

Blackpool illuminations.

The tree that Mum let us decorate!

I hope you all had an amazing time too, let me know what you enjoyed doing over the holidays or if you are holiday-obsessed too.

*Fruit-loops: nutters, crazy people, wacky, weird, but mainly loveable! I have Grandma Dodds to thank for that.

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  1. thats your dad without any fancy dress loved your blog. hope thenews is not as bad asexpected on Tuesday love G and g

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