Before The Clock Strikes Twelve.

Before The Clock Strikes Twelve.

Counting down the hours until the new year. So now I will join the cliché and reflect on the past year. Am I the only one that is finishing the year exhausted? The world has been shaken up and it’s cold heart has been exposed. I am done with it all; the racism, the discrimination and entitlement, the apathetic response to innocents suffering, the loss of epic people, and the continued acceptance of letting hateful people shape our countries and our politics. But yet, I refuse to wallow in the sadness of the past year and move to make change in the future. Be the change and all that.

Personally, this year has been so positive in loads of ways. I managed to travel several times, spend lots of time with my family and friends, become more independent and gain an incredible amount of confidence. After a rocky start to the year, I spent some quality time with my best friend in Leicester where we went learning and eating and I soaked up her university atmosphere. I got inappropriately drunk at a formal event with my flat mate and ending up spending the night giggling and dancing with the university rowing team – one of the best nights out to this day.

In March, we jetted off to Thailand where we split our time between Bangkok and Patong Beach. We searched temples, ate our body weight in noodles, walked the Bridge over the River Kwai, laid out by the pool, and risked our lives in tuktuks. Back up north, my sister, my cousin, my mum and I went to see The Vamps which as always was spectacular; from the supporting acts to the final bows it was great music and even better company. I spent a great weekend with the girls at Bournemouth 7s watching the boys play hockey and rugby and day-drinking before the music acts. It’s where I took my favourite photo of myself – I look the happiest I ever have and I really was ecstatic all day long.

I had to admit that my baby sister is growing up when she finished high school and we saw her off to prom. She looked beautiful as she was driven off in a VW camper van. The summer brought new adventures to Ireland with my family and my first girls holiday to Zante. I bought my first car and am still learning how to drive it. I mentored a bunch of 15 to 17 year olds that reminded me how much I love working with kids. They also taught that its okay to relax and have fun (mainly when we had water fights, paint fights and party games). September came around fast and started my second year at university. Wrapping up the end of the year, I turned 20 and I spent a lovely, traditional Christmas with my family.

I’ve had a busy year and I’m incredibly grateful for it all. I will be continuing to work harder and strive for the best out of myself but make sure my happiness is a priority. Even with the mess the world is in, I am blessed. I have my family, my friends, my education and a lot of love. Lots of people will be kissing those they love and I will be so happy to be around the people in my life.

When the clock strikes twelve tonight, it’s not pumpkin time so go and make the new year count. Have a spectacular New Years Eve.

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  1. 2nd January 2017 / 3:31 am

    have a good one your determination to get on is pleasing from G and G

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