Drunk and Disorderly: Hangovers and Cures.

Hey, my loves, so I delayed this post out of respect for the terrible events that occurred over the weekend. It’s terrible to see all this violence out in the world when we’re already competing with nature’s disasters. Days like that make all the worries about grades and finances seem stupid and pointless. In spite of all the war and violence, we should continue to celebrate life to the full, so here’s my newest blog post about hangovers and their cures…

If you read my last blog post, which I hope you all have, I wrote about the nights out we have here at university. I noticed that many of you suggested it lacked the hilarious details of my drunken antics and the antics of others that I have witnessed through a drunken haze, due to this fact I have recounted the some of the funniest and bizarre moments from nights out.

One of the most common occurrences on nights out is me or one of my fellow lightweight flat mates falling on the floor, not just tripping over and stumbling but full-on falling and just laying there. You’re likely to witness “The Drunken Triangle” on a night out with my flat which is Chloe and Jason holding each other up as they stagger back home. Now depending on where we go our level of alcohol toxicity varies and, if you’re really lucky and he’s really drunk, you might just see my flat mate Chris doing the Hotline Bling dance. One guy took his shirt off at one of the themed events, and no-one was really complaining cause it was a sight for sore eyes. Jason, one of my flat mates, has a rape alarm which is always fun when he is drunk or wearing skinny jeans – he sets it off sitting down or just for the giggles. I am notorious for throwing around chicken and the Subway subs that we buy after a nightout and I’m also famous for hitting Chris or kicking him in the balls (sorry, Chris!). At our last flat party, we formed an a-capella group that sang Christmas songs and musical numbers but it was split up abruptly when Jason stood on the table screaming “No Christmas songs!”.

Flat mates. L to R: Chris, Jason, Liz, Myself, and Chloe.

As much as these things are funny to recall when you’ve been hit with alcohol amnesia, hangovers are an unfortunate consequence of drinking heavily (drink responsibly!). Hangovers hurt like hell. The outcome when you wake up the next day depends on what you drank the night before – instant hangover if you mix badly. Each hangover is unique each person, personally I get a headache or feel a little sick so I’m quite lucky. Other members of my flat have chundered at least once or twice after a night out and its almost impossible to make a 9am lecture when you’ve been, as my mother would say, ‘out of the razz’ the night before. My cures for hangovers are the following: flat coke, lots of toast, avoiding milk and orange-flavoured stuff, bacon, water and lots and lots of sleep. We did try Oral Re-hydration Therapy sachets, but we’re not sure of the consequences so I wouldn’t recommend using it frequently. I would suggest however to drink as many cups of water as you can before you go to sleep and try to eat something – we eat Subway subs or chicken. Or you could just not drink? But then again next year is gonna be a lot busier than this year so it’s our best chance to go out and have as much fun as we can stomach.

I haven’t decided what the next post will be about yet, but it’ll probably be about going back to see my parents or joining clubs and societies. Thanks for reading, my loves and as usual share with your friends and etc. Give me some love.

Side note: Hey Liz! She wanted to see what I wrote about her but she’s been a sensible drunk.

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  1. Keep on writting I am loving reading it all x x x

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