Drunk and Disorderly: University after Dark.

Drunk and Disorderly: University after Dark.

Another post in the space of a week, it must be a bloody miracle. In fact, it is because I have reading week and I am at home, hurrah!

From the start of Freshers’ Week there are so many events you can go to and, as I said in a previous post, you should aim to go to as many as you can stomach.

Before we go out as a flat we tend to pre-drink, either at our flat or at the flat of one of our newly acquired friends. This is a real money saver (and you need all the money you can get as a bankrupt student) because you can get hammered before you go out and can avoid buying as many drinks. Pre-drinking is also hilarious when every decides to play drinking games, for example: Ring of Fire, F*** You or Down the Road; it does make it harder to get to the club and to get in though. Lots of the events in Freshers’ week are themed so its not just night after night of going out and getting plastered. Of course, I’m not encouraging you lovely lot to go out and get silly with alcohol (be sensible with alcohol, kids!) but when everyone else is out of their tree it isn’t necessarily fun being the only sober one. At themed nights everyone gets dressed up and you get to know more people (many whom you won’t remember in the morning). So far we’ve had Where’s Wally vs The Smurfs, Freshers’ Zoo, Neon nights, Beach theme, Geek theme, and many more. Normal nights are great too, and figuring out what happened on a night out when you wake up with a killer hangover is alway an interesting bit. I know that personally as I am a perpetual offender of drunk selfies and there are plenty that others have taken too, so here’s a few to show you our nights out…

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The post was a little longer than I anticipated so next time will be hangovers and their cures. Bye, my loves and don’t forget to share this with others or leave a little note.


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