Fierce Little Traveller.

So, you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole once more to the newest addition to my blog – travelling!

Usually, you’ll see me advocating for those with mental illnesses, discussing my feminist agenda, and writing all sorts of posts about me navigating life as a clueless adult. This will not be that, mostly…I say mostly because it will be a blog about my adventures (or misadventures) across the globe and tackling my mental illnesses along the way.

Over the years, I have been extremely fortunate to explore the world with my family on our annual holidays. It’s a pretty impressive list: Holland, Cyprus twice, France twice, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey twice, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Rome, Berlin five times, Mexico, Tunisia, Australia, Thailand, Bali, Verona; however a lot of the early holidays are hard to recall and appreciate because I was so young. As well as some amazing exotic places, we’ve also enjoyed trekking around different bits of the UK. My parents have been kind enough to pay for me to tag me along even since I started university and, because of this, I’ve been able to indulge my wanderlust!

Unfortunately due to some unsavoury circumstances, I developed anxiety and depression in 2013. I suffer from depressive episodes, panic attacks, flashbacks, and many other uncomfortable and unfortunate symptoms. What I want to share through this part of my blog though is that you can get through so much and for each bad day there are so many good ones. Plus, you guys will hopefully join me in my love of the world and be inspired to make your own journeys.

I’ve got a lot of upcoming posts planned so I hope you’ll stick with me. Have fun, be safe and I love you guys!

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  1. I’m ready to be inspired by journeys. I’ve often wanted to travel myself, but have often been too nervous. But I’m beginning to make plans, and I hope your upcoming posts will convince me further that it’s a good idea.

    1. Thank you! Travelling is such a good idea. I love experiencing new things and achieving them is sooooo good for my mental health!

      1. What places would you recommend?

        1. Definitely Berlin! My favourite place in the world, but honestly it depends what you want to get from the trip.

          1. Toby Martin says:

            Well, Berlin has often been a possibility, but I definitely also want to do some travelling within the country too.

          2. National Trust places are great for exploring in the U.K.

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