First Post and The First Days of University.

First Post and The First Days of University.

So if you lovely lot read my welcome, you would know that I have just started at university. Right, I’ve been here a while now and here’s a little insight into my first few weeks.

One of the most frightening things for me was that I would make no friends when I got here and that I would have a really hard time with my flat mates. It scared me because I’m five hours from home, in a place I don’t know, with people I don’t know. But in all honesty meeting people has been the best apart of my university experience so far. I have made some great friends already, but I feel the closest to my flat mates, probably due to proximity and frequency. I was terrified that they would hate me and I would have to go all year confined to my room because I couldn’t socialise with them in the kitchen. This really wasn’t the case, and they are incredibly lovely; just chilling with them and discussing each other’s lives made all my anxiety about being alone go away. I am so comfortable with them already – they’ve even heard my terrible singing! Myself and one of my flat mates have begun a photo war (a war in which the ammunition is embarrassing and ugly photos of the other person). Little does he know that no matter what photo he takes or how he photoshops me, there is no photo that can match the scarring image of me hidden in the deepest depths of my best friend’s old phone – it is so scarring that it should be confiscated by the government for the emotional damage it causes. Still taking grotesque selfies is always a fun game because it’s all about expecting the unexpected.

Truthfully, making friends on my course has been a little harder, mainly because we are only in for a few hours a day and we all live in different places, but also, a fact which I shouldn’t have been surprised by, they are a group of shy scriptwriters that want nothing more than to curl up in a dark room and write to their hearts content.

The number one most important thing to come to terms with when you start as a fresher is that getting freshers’ flu inevitable! You are in a new environment with new germs and a lack of sleep, no matter how healthy you are eating or how much you binge on multivitamins nothing will protect you. I know that I was bound to succumb to the flu because of the germs and then combine that with my late nights, my drinking, my unhealthy diet, and the skimpy outfits I was wearing out in the cold weather – I was basically asking for sickness. For those of you who have seen Friends, you might remember the episode (The One with Joey’s New Girlfriend) where Phoebe catches a cold that lowers her voice to a sexy tone, well that has been my voice for the last few weeks when I’ve actually have a voice to speak with. Anyway, you have to go on and not let the impending doom of this illness hold you back when there is so much going on, so maybe I will post a few tips for surviving freshers’ flu in another post.

Catch up with me next when I write about learning to do normal grown upĀ things, homesickness, and the affects of boozing. Bye, my lovelies.


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