Going Home and Joining Clubs.

Readers, welcome back! So many assignments to do and things to be doing, and I can’t thank you enough for your patience with my blog.

It’s almost Christmas, which means Christmas break! So in celebration of the fact I thought I’d write a bit about going home to see my folks and throw a bit in about clubs and societies while I’m at it. Here goes…

I went back home for the first time in October for my little sister’s dance show. The train ride was crazy and scary – 5 hours from Bournemouth to Lincolnshire, through London! It was the first time I had done the tube on my own and I was terrified of getting on the wrong train and missing my connecting trains. Being home was great, there was a lot about home that I didn’t know I missed until I had it back. Having someone cook and do your laundry again was a complete luxury that I took full advantage of, sorry Mum. Everyone was so busy that weekend that it all passed as a blur and, I must give credit where credit is due, Nat was excellent in her show and my parents were gems for all they did that weekend for the both of us. When the time came to drop me off at the station, I waved goodbye to Dad and walked through the gate fully composed, I got into the lift with suitcase where I cried like a baby and didn’t stop until I reached London.

Each time I have gone back has been easier, especially since I get to spend more time with everyone and its becoming more normal to be distant from them on a daily basis. University is officially my home away from home and I miss my flat mates like crazy when I leave! We’re our own little weird family. The three weeks over Christmas break are going to be so odd!

As well as my flat mates, I’ve also made some kick-ass friends from my Cheer Squad, the BU Falcons. These epic ladies and gents are the some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. Seriously, cheer socials are to be envied because they are a bundle of laughs and know how to have a good time. They are also the most committed team you will ever meet that push each other to improve and thrive in routines and stunts. If you haven’t thought of it before, join your university’s cheer squad, even trying out is an amazing experience: challenging but rewarding.

The beautiful team in the training kit.

At every university there are a range of clubs and societies you can join from the rugby club to the dance society to the Harry Potter society to the scuba society. It is an easy way to make friends and meet people with similar interests to yours; you can get out and enjoy yourself without necessarily having to go out on the town.

Be sure to check out the progress of the BU Falcons on the YouTube channel, Cheer Degree is the Cheerleading reality show where you get to see behind the scenes on their journey to Nationals: https://www.youtube.com/user/BUFalconsPromo

That’s all for this post, losers! See you next time with some holiday fun, plus some cheeky photos.

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