Home Ed to a Home left.

Home Ed to a Home left.

So now for the other half of the mother-daughter duo: Asha! I have known Asha for a while and she’s amazing. I’ve never known her not to get stuck into something and she knows what she wants/doesn’t want. As you read in Su’s post, she was home-educated so she was the perfect person to give a unique perspective on results day. So here goes…

Being home educated for all of the sixteen years before Sixth Form was the best time of my life. Then at age sixteen I chose to come and study A levels at Sixth Form. I had always learnt that grades and results didn’t define me as a person so results day as a concept never really bugged me.
The lead up to A level results day on the 18th of August probably should have been one of the most nerve wracking times of my life, but for me, it wasn’t. I think the fact that I had an unconditional offer helped ease my nerves but even though I had an unconditional offer, I still wanted good grades in my A levels. I’d worked very hard over the 3 years I was in Sixth Form and I did feel that I had to perform well in order to show others that I was capable of succeeding, having been home educated until the age of sixteen.
On the actual results day I was extremely nervous because I wanted to prove to myself that all my hard work had paid off. I got to school quite early as I was going with a friend. The results are always hard to understand but once I’d understood what I’d got, I was happy. The best part was that I had done a resit in one of my subjects, and the grade in that had jumped from a D to an A. As you can imagine I was very very happy with that.
On the morning of results day I didn’t need to check UCAS as I had already had my place at university confirmed. When I did eventually log into UCAS it felt so real. I was finally going to university. On the same day I confirmed and paid for my accommodation, so after that happened, it all started to feel like I really was finally moving away and doing something different with my life.
The lead up to uni so far has been really good and relaxed. Maybe that’s because I actually haven’t yet got much for uni being the prepared person I am! Anyway, it’s been an exciting one and it is now officially two weeks until I actually move in to my flat.
I will miss my home and my parents very much as I have a great relationship with them, but I know it is now time to move and try things for myself. I am looking forward to this step out into experiencing the bigger world on my own, and it is one exciting adventure.

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Again, it has been a pleasure to host my guests on the blog this bank holiday weekend. Thanks to Shannon, Su and Asha for bringing a little more love to my site and I hope to have you back. I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and embracing the sun while it lasts. Keep them peeled for some more blogs from me.


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