July Favourites 💖.

July Favourites 💖.

So this post is extremely delayed, and apologies are in order. This year seems to be flying by and that’s terrifying, however I have a new segment that you might enjoy to accompany the fast-flying months: monthly favourites! It’s pretty self-explanatory but each month I’ll let you guys into what I love each month. From books to TV shows to podcasts and more.

July. July. July. Summer really has arrived. July has been a bit of a downer with problem after problem all across the world. In the UK, June saw us vote to leave the EU (I did not), and by the new month we saw the massive changes we are to expect when Article 50 is set into action – the full outcome is yet to be fully understood. We now have a female prime minister too! While all this change has been going on in the world, I’ve also been exploring new things. So here’s my July Favourites, enjoy!

My favourite place in July has been Dublin, my family and I spent a week split between the North and South of the country and it was amazing to see the sights. We’ve never been a family to relax so trekking through the likes of Belfast and Dublin were no different. We experienced many aspects of these wonderful cities: the tourist bits (with Guinness, Jameson, the Titanic quarter, etc.), the historical bits (the law courts, the castles, the churches, etc.) and the heart of all cities (the restaurants, the cafés and the bars). My favourite part was without a doubt touring Dublin on the Cityscape Tour buses – relaxing, taking the view and learning about its history.

Of all the events I attended, my favourite this July had to be the New Youth Theatre’s production of MulanA little girl, called Lucie, that my mum looks after debuted in this show as one of the tiny-tots who played multiple parts. She is always full of life so seeing at home on the stage was a joyful moment especially when she took her own bow at the end and danced to the end scene music. It is a sure-fire example of how far she has to go in life and how acting, or rather performing, will have a role in that.

In terms of celebrities, films, television and music, I have experienced a lot over the month. There were so many favourites that I just had to pick a few. My favourite celebrities of July have to be Maisie Williams and Emilia Clarke. Two beautiful, strong and talented British women, both unique actresses. I’m personally a fan of the television shows and films that they are cast in and their sense of style.

My favourites films this month have really opened my eyes to the way the world works; V for Vendetta had me questioning our political system and thinking about revolutions while Erin Brockivitch had me riled up about corrupt large companies that hide their mistakes at the expense of ordinary people and happy that people never give up in trying bring them down. My music taste has been some what political too in July – I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack from the hit musical Hamilton. It’s not coming to the UK until next year but it’s this amazing musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda about the life of the founding father of the USA, Alexander Hamilton.

Netflix and SkyGo have basically been a lifeline to me this summer and I’ve picked up a few new shows as well as the new seasons of others. I’ve been watching Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds Beyond Borders, Forces of Nature and Gilmore Girls – as you can tell my tastes range from murder mysteries, to crime dramas, to science documentaries and comedy-dramas.

Admittedly I’ve been a big fan of Cosmopolitan for a while but my favourite article from this month’s issue is about sexual assaults at music festivals. It is a grim topic to cover but it needed to be discussed on an open platform. A lot of sexual assault goes unreported and is rarely dealt with properly, music festivals are no exception. It’s really important to have articles like this because we need to make sure that the rape culture in society in brought down.

If you guys fancy it you can check out the things that I’ve been loving this July, I hope you love them just as much as I do!


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