Junior Doctors.

Back to a normal Tuesday post this week, losers and I wanted to make my comment on the current events with Mr Hunt and the junior doctors. I have to admit I do not know all the answers on this topic but with all the information I’ve been given this is my opinion. I do want to say before you read this that I have a deep appreciation for the NHS, I mean we get free health care; want a baby? that’s free, want an operation? that’s free, it’s all free and it’s an amazing benefit of living in the UK.

The topic that is causing so much uproar is the revision of the junior doctors contracts and what that means for us as patients and the doctors themselves. And basically the issue has escalated so much that doctors are striking for the first time in four decades.

So, what is a junior doctor?

There are more than 50,000 junior doctors in England. The term covers those who are fresh out of medical school through to others who have a decade of experience behind them. – BBC News/ Health

Many of the people I have met and spoken to about this issue have been passionately against the striking of the doctors because they believe it is a money issue and that the doctors are just being greedy. I wanted to know if this was true and I’ve found the following: the basic pay of the doctors is to be increased but in the end there will be cuts to other elements of their pay packet like the antisocial hours. These new changes in pay will not affect current doctors at first because the Ministers have promised to protect their pay for the first 3 years of the new contract. However before you consider any of these doctors greedy because you think they get paid a lot anyway, remember they have over £70k in student debt when they begin work and THEY ARE SAVING LIVES. Politicians get paid loads more for doing less.

Mr Hunt believes whole-heartedly in this new contract because he wants to provide a 7-day a week NHS. We already have 7-day care for inpatients and emergencies and there are just not enough resources for 7-day GPs, clinics, etc. The staff will be stretched too thin when Mr Hunt is not offering to bring in extra staff or funds. Mr Hunt believes, incorrectly, that there are higher mortality rates at the weekend and is using this as a scapegoat for his outrageous ideas. Along with this is the new idea of increasing the ‘normal working hours’ and removing the safeguards that protect patients. Would you want to be see by an overworked, tired doctor who is liable to make mistakes? I didn’t think so.

Many junior doctors say they will leave the NHS if the contract is put in place and this will undoubtedly affect the NHS severely. But before that there are to be more strikes for action. I, for one, stand with the junior doctors on this one, Mr Hunt.

Further dates of industrial action:

  • 8am on Wednesday 9 March to 8am on Friday 11 March
  • 8am on Wednesday 6 April to 8am on Friday 8 April
  • 8am on Tuesday 26 April to 8am on Thursday 28 April

For more info, read here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2016/02/25/question-time-junior-doctor-hunt-take-down_n_9322312.html

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