Last (minute) Christmas.

Last (minute) Christmas.

There’s less than one week left until Christmas and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t bought all of your Christmas gifts and there are always people you struggle to find the perfect gift for. So, for all you folks that have yet to complete your present list or those who want to give back gift-style for Christmas, I have an announcement, you can give back AND get gifts for the people on your list. I found out about charity gifts last Christmas and I think it’s an amazing idea. Rather than buying people gifts they don’t need or want, you can buy a charity gift that helps in a much bigger way. Here’s how:

If you want to give to children’s charities:

  • UNICEF have inspired gifts which are donations made by you on behalf of the person on your Christmas list. They provide items from life-saving salts for 15 children (£6) to getting aid where it’s needed in remote communities (£20,074). With the purchase of the gift you can send your recipient a personalised eGreeting or Print-at-Home card. Click below to see more:

  • Save the Children has a bunch of charity gifts this Christmas. You can get a child an art set or football (£7), an essential baby kit – a bowl, nappies, towels, a wrap, soap and a snuggly, warm cap for a baby (£33), a place in school for a child (£158) and many more. Click below to see more:

  • The NSPCC supports children that have experienced abuse and/or neglect and has a vision to put a stop to childhood abuse and neglect. This Christmas they are running a ‘Letter From Santa’ campaign; you can buy your child a letter from Santa and donate to help the charity at the same time. £5 will buy paints to help an abused child feel like themselves again and express themselves through their painting. £10 funds 2 calls to the NSPCC hotline from concerned adults. Click below to see more:

If you want to give back to the environment:

  • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) works to protect the environment by tackling the big issues like climate change, deforestation and the protection of wildlife. In order to help with their fight against the big issues, you can adopt an animal (they range from pandas, to tigers, penguins, turtles and many more) or you can donate to the cause. £10 donations can buy 40 seedlings for forests in Tanzania and £200 can pay for dog handler training for a month. Click below to see more:

If you want to give back to communities:

  • WaterAid is helping to reach millions of people living without clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene. They have a range of charity gifts to choose from this Christmas from: £10 for a bag of cement to make a toilet base, to £36 to empty a school toilet, and £472 for a rope pump for a well servicing 120 people. Click below to see more:

  • Oxfam wages the fight against poverty, and this Christmas they have their Oxfam Unwrapped. Buying one of these gifts you can provide a community with a number of things: mosquito nets (£3.50), help to improve schooling for some of the world’s poorest children (£9.50), support for a refugee (£13) and many more. Click below to see more:

  • IMPACT Foundation is a charity working to prevent needless disability. You can help by buying a Gift Token. A £10 gift token could provide a mother with a birthing kit; a £40 gift token could provide a person in the developing world with a operation to restore sight, movement or hearing, and a £200 gift token could fund a fistula repair. Click below to see more:

  • Good Gifts is not one single charity but an amalgamation of many charities for which Good Gifts provides charity gifts to help fundraise. Here are some examples of the rewarding things you can gift this Christmas: 50 bowls of rice for 50 hungry children (£6), an hour’s respite for parents with disabled parents (£15), deworming medicine for 1000 children (£50), and a school science lab for girls in Afghanistan (£2400). Click below to see more:

If you want to give back to cancer patients:

  • Most people are familiar with Macmillan and the wonderful work they do to support those with cancer and their families. So this Christmas, you can support them by buying a virtual gift. The virtual gifts provide things like: 14 copies of the cancer guide (£5), funding for an hour of care (£20), or funding for the Macmillan support line for 29 people (£1010). Click below to see more:

If you want to give back to the homeless:

  • Centrepoint helps homeless young people. This Christmas you can help by buying Christmas dinner (£10), sponsor a room for a young person for a year (£144) and items all the way up to helping a young person get back on their feet (£1,500). Centrepoint sends the person on whom’s behalf the gift is sent a card or e-card to say thank you. Click below to see more:[C263]-[/]-[RS]-[MS]

  • Another way to help the homeless this Christmas is by donating to Crisis. You can reserve a place for one person at the homeless shelter for £26.08 as well as a place your money ensures them a Christmas dinner, clean clothes, health checks, advice on housing and employment and access to year-round services. You can reserve up to ten places in one gift (£260.80). Click below to see more:

If you want to give back to those affected by domestic violence:

  • Refuge is definitely the place you want to give to if you want to support women and children who have experienced domestic abuse and help them live their lives away from fear and violence. Refuge have provided two ways you can give back this year: refuge parcels and Christmas gifts. The Christmas gifts allow you to give someone using Refuge a Christmas present whether it be for a woman under their care (£3 for a hairbrush, £50 for  winter coat, £100 for a pram and many more) or for a child (£3 for a bath toy, £8 for a baby grow, £35 for a winter coat and many more). The refuge parcels allow you to gift something bigger like a Christmas dinner (£5), an emergency parcel for those fleeing domestic violence (£10), a safety and independence parcel to help women stay safe at home (£50), or a law parcel to help them testify against their abuser (£100). Click below to see more:

Many of the gifts provide you with a card or a little gift as a token of appreciation for the person you are gifting on behalf of. In the spirit of the gifting and loving of Christmas, please consider a charity gift this Christmas. I expect they’ll be some more festive posts from me in the coming days. Merry Christmas to all. x


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  1. janet Dodds
    20th December 2017 / 1:23 am

    great ideas much prefer to support local charities such as Lego Boston Stump model or local Salvation Army and Food banks. good to see you on top form. Grandma

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