Love, Love, Crazy Love.

Hey readers! So this week is a Thursday post because I actually have a social life occasionally, plus Toast Tuesday on National Toast Day was a must. Despite that I do have a topic for this week; Valentine’s Day has been and gone but still discussions recently have turned to love. So this post is about love versus self-love.

I am currently single so undoubtedly I’m no expert when it comes to love but I know how important love is and how special it is when you feel loved. My parents have been married for 23 years this year and both sets of grandparents have been married for over 50 years; having these examples of love surrounding me and my mum’s obsession of romantic comedies it was hard not to pine after ‘true love’. After at least one heartbreak and witnessing countless of boys break my friends’ hearts, my naivety about ‘true love’ has long since vanished. However I doesn’t change how love makes us feel. Whether you are 18 or 80, love makes us feel like more than we are, like we can do more, be more and sometimes it can totally take over our lives. The problem nowadays is that we confuse other emotions with love: lust, infatuation etc. and after a while one person or both fall out of “love”. In a world where it is so easy to divorce when things get tough, many couples are not in it for the long-run and don’t fight to be together. This is why it is incredibly important to have self-love.

Personally, I am on the fence as to whether I could see myself spending my life with one person because I am a very stubborn and independent woman. To me relationships, whether just partners or married, involves a large amount of compromise; compromise is the key to making them work long-term. There are a great deal of places I want to go and things I want to achieve in my life and a huge part of me considers a relationship a hindrance to what I want. This is okay because I love me and it is the choice I get to make and mine alone. Up until last year I felt like I had been living my life for one person or another, I made the executive decision to take charge of my life and aim for everything I want in life. Who knows, I might change my mind when my life is more mapped out. I’m only 19 years old and I don’t need everything figured out now. I do however need to love myself and be happy with who I am – in the end no matter what happens in my life I’ll always have myself and I need to be strong.

You have to remember that your family and friend love you too and I try to tell everyone in my support network how much I love them and how blessed I feel to have them there for me. If you take anything from this entry, please let it be that you don’t need romantic love just the strength to love yourself if you can and to acknowledge that you have people around you that love you. I love you all!

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