My Birthday Wish-List.

Losers! It’s my birthday in exactly ONE WEEK! Can you tell I’m excited? One week and I’ll no longer be a teenager. I’ll have lived for two decades! Normal people get excited about a month before their birthday but not me; I started to write my ideal birthday wish-list, from which my parents will choose what to get me, at least 4 months ago. My wish-list is always things I lust after for ages, screw useful birthday presents. So, because I have a habit of oversharing with you lovely lot, I thought I’d share what I’ve put down on my wish-list this year (I’ve combined my Birthday-Christmas list as a sort of present roulette). Before I do, I should point out I am not expecting all of these gifts, it is just the guideline of my interests for my parents.

My Birthday-Christmas Wish-list:

• Hi-Smile teeth whitening

• Vintage landline  and landline bill paid

• Brand new complete set of cruelty-free makeup

• Brush set from spectrum collection

• Tickets to see Hamilton the Musical (Been rearranged for next year – they come out in 2017)

• Ted Baker bath collection

• Eat Pray Love hardback

• Girl Boss hardback

• Apple Mac laptop

• Lonely Planet guidebooks

• Ted Baker suitcase

• Polaroid film

• Letter marquee lights (either spelling my name or a giant ‘K’)

• Light box and letters

• Travel signs from typo

• A2 Chalkboard

• Think less, live more book flask

• ‘Love’ book ends

• One eight yoga membership

• Glossy box subscription

• iZombie box set

• Radio with aux cable (Been rearranged for next year)

• Ghost whisperer box set

•Gilmore Girls box set

• Troy Bolton basketball jersey hsm3

• Survivor wings merchandise on redbubble

• Legally Blonde mini skirt – redbubble

• Live everyday like Elle woods phone case – redbubble

• Legally Blonde laptop sleeve – redbubble

• What would Elle Woods do? Pencils – etsy

• Mermaid blanket

Creating present wish-lists has always been a big thing for my sister and I as we used to root through the Argos catalog to cut and stick our favourite items o a makeshift list. Whether it be for Santa or our presents we got just as excited. Having our birthdays a week apart means staking a week-long claim to the mantelpiece for birthday cards and banners, also spending the entire week reminding everyone its your birthday week.

I know I joke about being a princess all the time but I’m extremely grateful for everything that they provide me with whether it be love and support or presents and days out. When we next speak I’ll be 20 years old! Better get the drinks in! ‘Til then be safe and be happy.

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