My choice to grow up.

My darlings, I admit I’m slipping in terms of writing this section of blog and I’m sorry again. As Ferris Bueller says ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it‘ and that is what I’ve been doing – not missing out on life.

So with that meaningful, if not clichéd, idea in mind, this post is about how I decided to grow up. It sounds bizarre, choosing to grow up because each one of us goes through this process eventually (despite some being seemingly stuck in their youth), however what I mean is you choose how you grow up through the decisions you make regarding the direction of your life. I consider my decision to go to university the ultimate decision to grow up.

There are so many things that I want to accomplish within the mere blip of my existence on Earth’s history and at first going on a gap year seemed like the way to go. Spending an entire year gallivanting across the globe in order to find myself, while appealing, it just wasn’t financially viable. It would have also been a big leap into the unknown world of adulthood without any sort of safety net. Going to university straight from Sixth Form meant that I could grow up over the course of the four years, learn how to manage my time and money with the safety net of loans and university support. University has probably been the best choice I’ve made since the start of my GCSEs (of which I made a few iffy ones – Expressive Arts, really?) because it has provided me with countless of brilliant things. It has given me confidence, lots of new friends and a gateway to the industry that I want to join.

I know a lot of people had a gap year and they loved it- I’m in no way shunning the idea of taking a year off before university or work. I’m simply writing about what worked for me and continues to work. I still plan to explore the world just after university and maybe more into my working life. So that was how I chose to grow up (if you class me as grown up!).

N.B. I have 204 things on my ‘bucket list’ and I continue to add to it.

A list of all the places (not individual events/ things) I want to visit.

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