My name is Grace and I have an addictive personality.

My name is Grace and I have an addictive personality.

As much as I’d like to big myself up and say this post is about how I’m addictive and people just can’t get enough, it really isn’t. An addictive personality is one that makes an individual predisposed to the development of addictions. The individual is more susceptible to (but not limited to): drug and alcohol abuse, compulsive buying, eating disorders, workaholism, sex addiction, and gambling.

I am fairly lucky with my addictive personality that I can mostly control the almost-obsessive behaviour that derives it. I struggle with drinking or taking medication because it is very hard to draw a line once you start; drinking can often become binge-drinking and personally I used to have a substance abuse problem with painkillers as well as a tendency to self-harm. Nowadays, the main outlet of my personality is fairly tame with addictions lying mainly with binge-watching TV and film, looking up celebs, social media, giving into my sweet tooth and other food cravings, and having crushes on boys.

The problem with addictive personalities is the negative consequences that are disregarded when you succumb to the compulsions you have. Binge-drinking may feel great she you’re three sheets to the wind but, when you wake up with a hangover and a load of drama that drunk you didn’t care about getting involved in, it’s not worth that small rush from giving in. Also if you give into to these dangerous behaviours it can spiral out of control very easily. You reason with yourself that you are only going to have that one night out but after the buzz fades, you wonder what the harm is going out again, and after a while you’re left chasing this high – damaging yourself and your relationships with loved ones in the process. It has always been much easier for me when I avoid the tempting things altogether, but different things work for different people.

If you have an addiction and you don’t think you can get it under control, please get help for it. It’s always worth speaking to someone if you are feeling out of your depth. I have an amazing support system and they keep me in check and make sure that the temptations are kept out of my way.

For those with alcohol abuse problems, here’s a link to an NHS page and they provide useful information for those in need of support and place you can go to get the necessary help:

So, I’m Katy, I have an addictive personality but I have it under control.


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