Pre-Uni Student. Aaahhhh!

I have decided in light of the results day just past to have a long weekend about results, universities and freshers. It will be amply named Fresher’s Friday and Worrisome and Wondrous Weekend.  I have aimed for it to be a mixture of tips, stories from students and posts from proud parents – maybe with a little extra thrown in. I’ve known that I wanted to do this piece for a while and asked the ever-lovely and studious Shannon to join my again for a round of guest posting. It is always a pleasure to feature her on my blog and the stats show me how much you guys love her too. Now, over to Shannon!
Hello and thank you to all the lovely people reading this, and an extra thank you to Grace for giving me the opportunity to guest post again! So as of September I will officially be a student in university (crazy, I know), so this post is all about results day and getting ready for uni. If you read my last guest post you’ll know I’m a year behind in my education, so a lot of my friends have been there, done that and got the t-shirt (or hoodie), however it is finally my time, and these are my personal experiences. Enjoy.
So it’s the night before results day, and everyone is asleep, apart from the nervous wrecks of the A-Level Students nationwide. I don’t think any experience, good nor bad, will enable me to forget that night. It was a night of horror. One of replaying all my exams back to myself and wondering if there was anything else I could have done. I tried countless support mechanisms to get through it: watching children’s TV (Zoey 101, I loved you as a child but you didn’t help), reading my favourite books (Harry Potter, if you must know) and meditation. My mind, however, was so distracted nothing helped as the hours ticked by.
It’s a blur now but getting my results and getting into uni wasn’t exactly as I dreamed it would be. I was convinced UCAS was lying to me, as though it wanted to play a sick joke on me. It wasn’t until the confirmation emails came through that it hit me – I was about to become a uni student! What I thought would be excitement soon turned into fear. I was about to move somewhere nearly three hours from home where I knew no one. I never have been the most confident person, and the thought of sharing accommodation with six other people quite frankly terrifies me. Honestly how do you remember everyone’s name? Can they possibly wear name badges for weeks? My fears got more and more silly, besides everyone’s in the same boat, or are they?
Following this came the endless stream of messages congratulating me. I don’t come from a family of ex-university students, so it came as no surprise how quickly my family found out. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for uni shopping! I never realised how much I really needed! From towels to knives, from crockery to bedding the list never seemed to end! Six hours and £244 later that trauma was finally over! Have you ever tried carrying a 12 piece dinner set and a six piece pots and pans set? The simple answer: don’t! Shops don’t exactly make it easy either, especially when you’re trying to save money AND stick to a budget. In total, my uni essentials have come from nine different shops and supermarkets and I’ve yet to buy tea towels!
Whilst all my uni essentials are sat in a neat pile in the corner of my room ready to go, the question I’m still pondering is what happens during move in day? How am I going to cope being completely on my own in the real world? But then it hits me, after years of fighting I’ve made it, and no one and no fear can take that from me. Change is always frightening, but this change I know is for the better and I am determined to love every minute of it.

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