Say Hello to Grace Richards

Another new chapter for me and Little But Fierce too.

I’ve been adjusting to life back at home after making the polarising decision to drop out of university. I’m now an Apprentice Learning Support Assistant (or Level 2 Teaching Assistant). This means I work full time in a primary school and complete my college course alongside this.

A side effect of this career change is a need to separate my work and personal life as my views are not necessarily in line with those of my working environment or go above and beyond their values. A lot of my blog, hopefully, offers you a window into my world and the subjects I like to perpetuate discussions in; this is more personal than I feel comfortable sharing with my working community.

With this in mind, and the continuance of the blog, I am adopting the pen name Grace Richards. I appreciate it may be an adjustment for some of my loyal readers. You will notice some changes in the blog posts and the writer information. Bare with me through this change and you’ll be seeing more exciting content.

Happy Reading, my lovelies. x

3 Replies to “Say Hello to Grace Richards”

  1. Good to see you’re doing well. Hope that continues. Best wishes to you.

  2. good on yer grace.
    glad to hear you are happy in your career . Not surprised though .

    1. I took the name Richards to honour the great Richards women I know and love, and those that came before as well. x

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