The Big C-word.

The is week’s post is about the C-word. For all you lot with dirty minds, not that C-word; this one is CANCER.

It seems nowadays that everyone knows someone who has cancer or had cancer at some point in their life. It affects all of us so I thought it was a poignant topic to discuss.

I think the first time I really understood the grief that cancer causes is when I had to attend my friend’s dad’s funeral. I can still remember when we found out that he had cancer in his brain and then within hours that he had passed away. It was the first funeral I had attended and I knew instantly that I didn’t want to attend any more because it was so heartbreaking. I saw how much it had affected his whole family and it all happened so suddenly.

Several members of my family have been diagnosed with cancer and all of them different types. My auntie has very recently just come through the other side of breast cancer – she is incredibly brave and I am so proud of how strong she has been. She went through chemotherapy and reconstruction surgery while keeping her happy demeanour. No sooner had we come through the ordeal of my auntie’s cancer and come to terms with normality, my Nana was diagnosed with lymphoma. It  was a huge shock to the whole family and being so far away from everyone back at university I really struggled to begin with. I wanted to be there to support her and get updates on her well-being but all I could do was wait and pray. Luckily she should only have to undergo radiotherapy to be completely rid of the cancer after they removed some of the lump on her lymph-node. She is an absolute warrior and my hero; if you ever want to know what a woman is, just look to her.

Cancer is such a hard illness to deal with for the patient and their loved ones. It is so common now and we have realised so many of our environmental factors can cause it. The good news is though that scientists and doctors are battling it and succeeding. As many people survive cancer as die from it, which is a huge step. My love to all those suffering from cancer and their loved ones; keep on fighting!

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