The Love Notes: To All The Boys That Didn’t Make The Cut.

The Love Notes: To All The Boys That Didn’t Make The Cut.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while now, you’ll know that I’ve been sharing love letters to ‘all the boys I’ve loved before’ as an homage to the novel series by Jenny Han and the rom-com series starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. It has also been an eye-opening reflection on my dating history and how my experiences have shaped me.

There are obviously not always going to be life-changing love interests in my life so there’s not necessarily enough content for full love letters or the need to write them one. For this occasion, I have put them all in one place: a collection of love notes. I will be posting them periodically. Enjoy!

The One with The Spanish Girlfriend.


Me, circa. 2008

Where to start with this ultimate cringe-fest…I suppose with the “meet-cute”? We met at our joint high school disco. This was the only real place that we could socially interact with boys at school; the local all-boys grammar school and our school, the local all-girls grammar school. Our school disco was either Year 7 or Year 8.

At this time, I was VERY boy-shy. Boys weren’t part of the master plan I had for my life: go to the girls’ school for GCSEs and A-Levels, get into a Russell Group University, get a doctorate in Marine Biology, and finally research dolphins for a living.

I don’t remember how I realised who you were or anything earlier than my friends trying to get me to talk to you and dance with you. I was completely mortified, even more so when they requested “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol and dedicated it to us. We danced to the song, awkwardly swaying as our friends egged us on and tried to get us to kiss. You leaned in for a kiss and I swiftly moved my face out of the way.

Despite all this, we got each others numbers and began a text-only relationship. Yes, text-only. I text you Westlife song lyrics on my little black and pink block and we’d chat in that awful text talk. ‘Colour My World’ will never be the same for me – can I melt into the floor when it plays? I was besotted with you (probably because it was like having a fictional boyfriend that I didn’t have to actually talk to).

Unfortunately, you went away with your Spanish class for an exchange programme and you met a Spanish girl. Just like that I was history and you had a brand-new, Spanish girlfriend.

Years later, we ended up being in the same form for Sixth Form which was very weird for me.

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  1. janet dodds
    15th December 2019 / 10:21 pm

    life is strange

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