The Reality of being a Uni Student.

The Reality of being a Uni Student.

Hey my darlings! Sorry about the extremely late post, I’ve been busy with lectures, assignments and cheerleading tryouts (and now training!).

Now I’ve been here a while the novelty of being a university student has worn off and I am facing the realities of what it means to be an functioning adult living the pound-stretching life of a student, like homesickness, cooking, and cleaning.

When my parents left me in the university accommodation I wasn’t worried about missing them at all. It was very easy when they left; they didn’t cry, I didn’t cry. My mum had been worried beforehand that she couldn’t let her first baby girl leave the nest but I think by the time it came around we knew I was grown up enough to leave and start my adult life. First the first couple of weeks I skyped someone everyday: my best friend, my parents, my sister or my grandparents. After that I was pretty swamped with lectures and assignments, not to mention my nights out and my cheerleading tasters and tryouts, and my skyping time was cut pretty short. My grandma knitted me a blanket to help me think of home and I have plenty of knick-knacks to make my room homely, but everyone is bound to get homesick every once in a while. Mine hit me one day before I went home for a weekend, I was making a cup of tea and just burst into tears cause I couldn’t just mess about with my sister, talk to my dad about all the quirky stuff we discuss, and just chill with my mum like I had all summer. Going home makes it harder but you get over it. University becomes your home away from home. Flat mates and course mates become your family too.

Another part of this new adult life I had acquired with my university course was the duties of cooking and cleaning for myself. Now I was pampered growing up and I have relied heavily on my parents to support my lifestyle, it was a privilege I enjoyed when I was home but it was a curse at university. You need to know a good collection of meals so you don’t get bored of beans on toast or pasta and sauce. You need to know how to cook vegetables and meat. My mum taught what she could when I paid attention to her cooking but most of the stuff I am cooking I am just learning as I go. University meals are cheap and they are strange combinations; the other day I made tomato soup and then had carrots. Also you need to accept that mistakes in the kitchen are inevitable. I am pretty sure that for the first 3 weeks every evening we were evacuated because someone set off the fire alarm. One of my flat mates left oil in the pan without anything else in it; it was hilarious and terrifying! Cleaning is also something you have to be willing to get used to. You will run out of clothes if you don’t wash and dry them, and your room will smell if you don’t change your sheets regularly. You will have to clean your own bathroom which is so beyond gross when you first do it. As a flat we have kitchen rules about cleaning the sides, the bin rota and loads of other important rules. We don’t always stick to them especially the rule where we have to wash up our dishes on the day we use them – they’ve started to pile up in front of the microwave and the room has started to smell a bit.

Being an adult is hard. Stay young for as long as you can, seriously this is no joke. It turns out parents are right about there being no mystical money trees – budgeting is a real life skill you need to learn fast! My next update will be about clubbing and hangovers (with photos); it’ll also have hangover cure tips that either I’ve tried or I’ve seen tested. Thanks for reading, losers.


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  1. 2nd November 2015 / 12:49 pm

    Yeah, being an adult definitely sucks, but you seem to have picked up such tips and tricks fairly well…and I still need to learn about budgeting…

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