To, my first “boyfriend”.

When I say, my “boyfriend”, you were the closest a girl attending an all-girls school could really get to having a boyfriend. I don’t know really remember much in the way of the specifics of our relationship, but I’ll tell you what I do remember.

We’ve known each other a ridiculous amount of time and our relationship blossomed, as many relationships at this age (either Year 7 or 8) do, from us being family friends. Our mums are still basically BFFs, and so are our dads – having your kids attending the same primary school and being in the same social spheres does that. I don’t remember how we began dating, only that we were and so many people at school knew about it. Strangers saw fit to voice their opinion of our relationship between classes. I suppose that’s just a consequence of dating in high school, but it irked me. I was not really the “type” to have a boyfriend, still very much on my “boys are stupid” kick from primary school and focusing all my free time on gymnastics and ballet. I wasn’t hanging around the marketplace with everyone else and flirting with boys from the all-boys school because I had places to be and things I wanted to do, so I must have liked you a lot to make you an exception to my rule.

You went to the town’s all-boys school so our time dating was far from traditional as we could only see each other outside of school hours. I vaguely remember walking home from school with you a few times but never even holding hands. Did that happen? It’s been so long since then that I don’t know if I’ve constructed this memory from the kind of daydreaming I used to do that normally led to doodling your name in hearts in my diary.

We actually dated twice. I do remember that. The first time we dated, I felt so pressured by all the people discussing our relationship that I dumped you rather swiftly. I’m not surprised because I’ve always been so self-conscious, particularly when it comes to the boys I like. The second time, you dumped me because we rarely saw each other; our relationship was growing more and more theoretical because I was so busy outside of school hours. Fair enough.

Nowadays, I see you around occasionally (normally at family functions) and you’re still kind and funny (from what I can tell). You have a gorgeous girlfriend, so our mums have finally stopped constantly wishing for us to get together (although they have renewed their efforts on me with your brother instead *facepalms* – you know what they’re like). I’m glad you were my first “boyfriend”; thank you for being the kind of boyfriend I didn’t have to worry about and I can look back on happily. I hope you’re doing well, I’ll probably see you around before the end of the year.

Catch you later.

Love, Grace x

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