To, the first boy I ever fancied.

The first time I ever saw you is weirdly stuck in my brain. You were wearing a Manchester United shirt (as an Everton fan, this was something I had to look past) and you had come to look around our Year Four class because you were moving to our primary school. I thought you were so hot and I was instantly smitten.

I don’t really remember ever talking to you at school. I was never a girly girl at primary school; I preferred being ahead in class, I always had my head in a book, and having a boyfriend was not something I had dreamed about. I wanted to be a marine biologist and had hopes of going university to get a doctorate in the field. Boys tended to be the last thing on my mind.

However, I do remember that all the girls fancied you and I was no exception to this. I used to scooter past your house with my friends and I vaguely remember writing you a little love note and posting through your door as a dare. So, I was over the moon when your friend came up to me on the playground to ask me if I’d go with you to the disco. At that age, it was pretty much a marriage proposal. Do you remember that some people used to pretend to get married in the playground?

We went to the disco separately and I’m pretty sure we said hi once before heading to our respective group of friends. When I got home that night, I told my mum that boys were stupid and I didn’t want a boyfriend anymore (much to her dismay). That ‘boys are stupid’ phrase was adopted as my mantra quite rapidly.

After primary school, we went to different schools and became very different people. Nowadays, I sometimes see you out in town or on Instagram. You’re still incredibly hot, but now because you’re a personal trainer (excuse my drooling over your abs). Not gonna lie you seem like a lads’ lad and that is so far from my “type”, but I don’t personally have a bad word to say about you and I hope you’re having a great life. You’ll always be my first crush and that’s pretty special (my first real-life one, Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan was an absolute dreamboat!).

Love, Grace x

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