To, the (literal) Sex God.

This letter is a little nerve-wracking to write because you’ve told me before that you read my blog occasionally, so heeeeeeeeey.

If you’ve seen the cheesy teen rom-com ‘Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging‘ (AT&PS) or read any of the Georgia Nicholson books, you’ll know what I mean when I call you a Sex God. If not, I’ll enlighten you.

In AT&PS, Georgia Nicholson has an enormous crush on the new boy at her school, Robbie Jennings and she dubs him a “Sex God”. Robbie is a god-among-men to teenage girls everywhere. He is gorgeous, popular, plays football, and is the songwriter and bassist for the band: The Stiff Dylans. The real reason girls swoon for him though is the moment Robbie dumps his ‘skinny, minnie, blondie, boobie girly girl’ girlfriend, Lindsay because, despite thinking Georgia is mad, he knows she’s perfect for him.


For a girl was isolated from boy-kind at an all-girls school throughout my high school years and was also brought up on a steady diet of rom-coms, you were my Robbie Jennings. You ticked a majority of the same boxes he did; you were insanely handsome (still are), popular, wickedly smart, played football and were the lead singer and guitarist in a band. You were incredibly charming and you knew it. All this had most of the girls in our year swooning at your feet. A smile my way would have me absolutely giddy all day and would be the subject of many talks among friends. Teenage me would have died at the idea of us dating, its impossibility was abundantly clear though. Watching AT&PS multiple times and watching Robbie love Georgia ‘just the way [she is]’ didn’t help shake this delusion.


Nowadays, you don’t seem very different. You’re still gorgeous, smart and musical, only now, I’m pretty sure you’re off at university doing something that will change the world, holding hands and travelling the world with your beautiful girlfriend. Totally not jealous. At all.

Obviously, I don’t know what you’re really like. I don’t think I ever did. You were the fantasy boyfriend I never had and that’s okay. I’m sure that the real you is even better than we could ever have imagined simply because it’s real. I cannot wait to see what you do in the future and I honestly wish you all the best. That teenage girl I’ll never quite be able to let go of will always hold a torch for you. Thanks for being my Sex God.

Love from,

Grace (Your wannabe Georgia Nicholson) x

P.S. Thanks for that beautiful Christmas card from a few years ago.

(To all you picky people that will no doubt call me out on my use of ‘literal’ – it’s used ironically as a way of transitioning my language to a more teenage vibe).

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