You can say PERIOD. It’s not a bad word!

You can say PERIOD. It’s not a bad word!

The aim of this post is to make a push towards normalising periods and period talk. Now, a lot of this first bit I’ll explain is rudimentary, but there are actually a large number of people that don’t know the basics whether it be from lack of interest or lack of proper sexual education. Periods are actually a really normal thing and I, personally, don’t have a problem discussing it or answering questions because it’s just a thing that happens to me every month. I’ve started to #LiveTweetYourPeriod, like many bloggers I follow, in an attempt to normalise the discussion of periods and everything that comes with having one.

Periods (menstruation) are part of a cycle called the ‘menstrual cycle’ and occur approximately every 28 days from (on average) age 12 until menopause at (on average) age 51. Menstruation occurs because the ovum (egg) released that cycle is not fertilised by a sperm and the progesterone and oestrogen levels drop. The egg is discarded along with the stratum functionalis, inner uterine wall layer, to prepare for the beginning of another reproductive cycle and blood. It all comes out of our vagina. The cycle can last from about a few days to a week. Tampons, pads, menstrual cups, etc. are not used to help us control our bladders, as some so strangely believe, nor can we control (without medication) when or how much we bleed. Unlike with penises, our reproductive system is separate to our urinary system – we do NOT pee out of our vaginas! When you have your period, there are a varying amount of symptoms; a few of the main ones are: menstrual cramps, acne, swollen or tender breasts, irritability, mood swings, crying, lethargy, but there are MANY more.

I think it’s super important that we be able to talk about periods because you should know what’s normal and we need to break the idea that periods are a taboo subject. Half the world have them every month. IT’S NORMAL!

This post is literally the basics about periods; there’s a lot more to discuss when it comes to menstruating and also the reproductive systems (like how politicians and “the tax man” seem to need their own input). But until then, my lovelies: be safe, have fun and smash the patriarchy. x


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  1. Toby Martin
    6th August 2017 / 7:36 pm

    Thanks for this. My sexual education was always quite vague, so I had to ask my sister at one point about the details of menstruation, because I felt it was important to get something this normal right – I didn’t know if the cramps coincided with the bleeding, came prior, or both, I didn’t know how much bleeding happened etc. You’re quite right that this shouldn’t be considered a taboo subject – it sadly harkens back to the days of Bronze and Iron age scripture, written by men who were clearly terrified of female sexuality, and considered them to be unclean the entire time they were menstruating.
    On the plus side, having all your components as separate entities has got to be better than having an all-in-one device such as we gents have. Who puts waste disposal through a recreation area…?

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